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My website will eventually be intended to offer a wide range of antiques, collectables and anything else I want to list and tell you about.  At the moment you will see it has only really got KNIVES & MILITARIA related items on it due to the fact I cannot sell these on ebay anymore.  To enable me to sell my stock I have created this website and I will be listing more antiques & collectables as time goes by.

I guarantee 100% satisfaction with all the items offered for sale. See my TERMS & CONDITIONS page for all my details regarding sales & trading policy.

Even though this is a new website, I have been a collector of all things for the past 40 years and into buying and selling all sorts of items for nearly as many.  Having an interest in antiques and collectables soon progressed into a FULL TIME business.  I have grafted hard to be where I am today and I would’nt change my job now for anything… there is never a day goes by that I wish I was doing something else.

To see what I have FOR SALE click on the Product Categories to the RIGHT hand side.  I add items for sale nearly everyday.  I have a SOLD/ARCHIVE section too so you can see what sort of items I sell and some of these are unique / one off items you will never see them again.

My site is fully searchable, it is easy for you to simply type in your key word in the PRODUCT SEARCH box at the top of the page and any item with those words in the title or description will appear.

If you want something a bit differant or out of the ordinary then please keep browsing my website as I do and have had some of the most outstanding antiques and collectables through my hands over the years. I frequent some of  North Yorkshire’s top antique live auction houses most weeks and have a keen eye for the unusual one off unique items.

I also have an EBAY SHOP link too at the top bar which is my main selling site….with over 400 items listed usually per month.  Items in 7 & 10 day auctions as well as BUY IT NOW – BEST OFFER items.  So do please have a look there.

I have an EMAIL NEWSLETTER  near the bottom, which I am just getting used to.

Enjoy browsing my website… Lee ….diggerlee

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